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    Strategic Frameworking and Artificial Intelligence

  • Overcome the biggest challenges in automating business strategy

    Proper strategies

    Clear roles and responsibilities

    Knowledge and expertise

    Communication and collaboration

    Motivation and incentives

    Proper governance

  • Enable growth - Strategic planning

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  • What does Enable Growth do for your business?

    Scalable, Powerful, Approachable

    Data to knowledge  - Enable growth - Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Strategic knowledge

    connect the dots

    Enable Growth converts data into knowledge and identifies what data is missing to complete that knowledge.




    Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Bring it together

    capture and deliver strategic content across all layers of the organizations

    R&D, Application, End-use markets, Sales, Manufacturing sites, Channels, Product Groups, Key Customers. Everyone holds strategic insights. We do that real time.





    Role Matrix sample - Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Exceptional role management

    for everyone to contribute

    Once strategies are mapped and safely stored in Enable Growth, your team can contribute to growing your business, keeping everyone focused.





    List of Strategic Planner - Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Generic strategy

    agile and powerful

    Level the playing field with multiple targeted strategy while identifying market size, trends and price points to capture what you know and look for what you don’t know.

    SWOT sample - Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Strategy connected live


    Action SWOT, refine, move to customer specific strategy; Enable Growth keeps your organization focused, end-to-end.

    Enable growth - Business strategy analytics

    Hassle-free powerful analytics


    Prioritize strategy, Strategy Road Map, Industry Matrix to align company resources to highest ROI.





    Move away from email chain - Enable Growth - Strategic planning

    Business connect your organization

    Action and issue management

    Roadmap your strategies

    Action your strategies where everyone collaborates to generate growth



    Multi device - Enable growth - Strategic planning

    Any time anywhere

    Stay connected to your organization, 24/7

    Enable Growth works on multi devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) allowing both on-site and mobile users to stay connected.

  • Continuous planning process - Enable growth - Strategic planning


    where strategy is linked to action

  • Generic strategy - Enable growth - Strategic planning


    How to understand Market Opportunity

  • The Blog

    Discussion about Strategic Planning enablement

    This article is the fourth in a series of features covering industry specific strategic frameworking applications. Over the next few months, we will cover diverse industry sectors and will demonstrate how businesses benefit in achieving superior performance results, and in exceeding their...
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    This article is the third in a series of features covering industry specific strategic frameworking applications. Over the next few months, we will cover diverse industry sectors and will demonstrate how businesses benefit in achieving superior performance results, and in exceeding their industry...
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    Can I try Enable Growth before I pay for it?

    Absolutely! Enable Growth is free for 15 days, without any limits. Give it a shot with as many of your team members as you need.

    How do I pay for Enable Growth?

    You can purchase an Enable Growth subscription with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card or bank account (ACH Transactions) . SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI compliance ensure that your data stays secure.

    Is there an option to pay annually? Monthly bills are annoying.

    You can pay monthly or annually. Select annual payment to get up to 20% off.

    Do you offer discounts for charities?

    Yes we do! Send our support team a message with your information and, if you’re eligible, we’ll set you up.

    Will Enable Growth work with my computer?

    Enable Growth’s only requirement is a modern browser such as the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. It will work on both Mac and PC computers as well as any modern smartphone.

    When will I be billed?

    After you've completed your 15 day free trial; that will be the start of your billing cycle, and you’ll be billed on that day every month. You can alternatively select annual billing to get up to 20% discount.

    What happens to my data if we stop using Enable Growth?

    We’ll keep your data safe and sound until you're ready to come back.

    Can I export my data?

    Yes, you can download a complete copy of your Enable Growth account at any time as an XML file. You can also export any list as a PDF, CSV, or HTML file.

    Can I change my plan?

    You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. If you’re downgrading you may be required to remove some users before making the shift. You will be charged/credited the difference between the cost of your prior plan and your new plan as soon as the change is made. Any credit you receive will be applied to your next invoice.

    How secure is your site?

    We use SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI compliance. So you can be sure that, with Enable Growth, your private data stays private.

    What credit cards do you accept?

    Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

  • About Our Company

    A bold disruptive path brought by Enable Growth

    Strategic Enablement start-up

    Our mission is to provide a solution which is open, affordable, and effective for businesses of all sizes. We disrupt the status quo of the traditional siloed, discontinuous approach to setting and implementing strategy.


    Strategy at the core

    We are passionate about strategy; because strategy is a living, breathing, totally dynamic game. Leave behind scenario planning, year-long studies, and 100-plus page reports that “gurus” suggest. They’re time consuming and expensive, and you just don’t need them. In real life, strategy is very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement, implement, implement.

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    Knowledge base - Enable growth - Strategic planning

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    A Food Ingredients company

    Enabling strategy for a Food Ingredients Company

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    A Venture Capital & Private Equity company

    A Venture Capital business runs Enable Growth

    Case Study #3

    A Software company

    A software company empowers their strategy with Enable Growth

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